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Founded in 1981, Atrium is a diversified healthcare provider where improved patient outcomes is “job one” for every member of the firm. Workmanship in the quality products we build is reflected in Atrium’s worldwide demand for over 2.7 million sterile medical products manufactured and distributed to over 60 countries each year. Our commitment to ISO 13485 Quality Standards and pioneering discoveries in research, product development and manufacturing has enabled the company to excel in market leadership in nearly every healthcare segment we serve.

Atrium is a world class organization dedicated to innovation, research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, customer service, clinical education, professional marketing and sales, and global logistics. Atrium is a progressive business enterprise that experiences strong employee loyalty and long-term commitment and contributions. However, Atrium’s ambitious growth strategies in an evolving healthcare industry requires a constant pool of talented resources at all levels of the company.

From the cardiac cath-lab to the operating room, Atrium continues to invest in those leading edge technologies that best satisfy our financial goals and contribute to important advancements in patient care. Combining advanced automation with global manufacturing resources, together with extraordinary advances in biomaterial science, our diversified portfolio of critical care products are leading the way to brighter, more clinically effective solutions in cardiovascular disease, soft tissue repair and critical care management.




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