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OEM Business

Atrium is a recognized leader in the design and development of a wide spectrum of diversified medical devices that incorporate several patented and proprietary technologies. Whether it is high volume, efficient manufacturing utilizing state of the art assembly and automation, or specialty coating or extrusion processes, Atrium has engineered and participated in the advancement of several “life saving” medical devices for OEM customers. We are also known the world over for our benchmark quality and production capabilities in biomaterials, including proprietary expanded PTFE materials, covered stents, hernia mesh, vascular graft and Omega 3 biological oil and film coating technologies.

For select medical device and complimentary business opportunities, the management team at Atrium will make its manufacturing expertise and design assistance available for contracted research of non-competitive products, on a limited OEM basis. As a leader in biomaterial science, and manufacturer of a wide variety of products for use in the surgical and interventional product fields, we have significant resources that may be applied to a limited number of complimentary OEM projects. After OEM project approval by management and our engineering, research and manufacturing staff, OEM customers receive the same level of innovation, dedication, and quality results as with all of our Atrium brand products.

Let Atrium help your company get a quick start on the road to commercial development success by contacting us today to discuss your specific product(s) applications and contracted technical/engineering device requirements:

Paul Hanna, Director of OEM

Phone: (724) 944-9571 or


Atrium OEM Products

You can find Atrium engineered technology and innovation in the following OEM products:

Ventricular Assist Device Components
Minimally Invasive Gastro-Intestinal
Arterio-Venous Access and Peripheral
   By-Pass Devices
Endovascular Devices
Coronary and Peripheral Angioplasty/Stent
   Deployment Catheters
Artificial Heart Components
Soft Tissue Repair/Support Components
Balloon Catheter Components

Contact an Atrium Sales Representative

US and Canada: 1-800-528-7486
Europe: +31 297 230 420
Australia/Asia: +61 2 8272 3100