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V12™ Covered Stent

Atrium's Advanta™ V12 PTFE covered stent is an engineering marvel. A perfect blend of covered stent craftsmanship and biomaterial science. The extraordinary low profile balloon-expandable Advanta V12 provides unsurpassed deployment accuracy due to its precision Anertia™ catheter platform and an incredibly low foreshortening stent design.

Atrium's novel PTFE encapsulation technology also helps evenly distribute radial expansion stress after balloon deployment, further controlling tissue prolapse and helping to minimize in-stent restenosis due to vascular wall injury. Atrium's patented technology utilizes a proven micro-porous PTFE film for improved biocompatibility and to protect the blood from undesireable vessel wall lesions.




Film-Cast Encapsulation


Clinical Data


66 year old male, smoker presented with severe claudication and an ABI of .64. Upon examination there was a 70% stenosis in the left common Iliac. The length of the lesion was approximately 20mm long. An Advanta V12 9mmX38mm was used. Following the procedure there was a 0% stenosis and the ABI was .93. At 1-month and 6-month the ABIs were .92 and .89% respectively. See more cases...

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