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Thrombuster II

The Thrombuster II Extraction Catheter is a low profile extraction system designed for the removal of fresh, soft emboli, and thrombi. Thrombuster II has been designed with enhanced pushability, trackability, and crossability which allows for market leading performance. This combination of product enhancements empowers physicians to be able to deliver the product confidently to the desired treatment site without sacrificing aspiration performance. Whether it is a coronary artery with fresh thrombus or a peripheral procedure to treat acute limb ischemia, the Thrombuster II allows for rapid use and a kink-resistant smooth delivery in even the most tortuous vessel.

Unmatched Performance

Anti-Kinking Design*
Highly Deliverable*
    Low crossing profile of 1.35mm
Leading performance and deliverability*
Enhanced Pushability and Trackability*
    “Industry First” Deliverability Guarantee
Proven Clinical Experience*
    Over 180,000 sold worldwide with over 15 published articles
*Data on File at Atrium. Thrombuster ™ is only available outside the United States




Thrombuster II Stylet

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