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Thoracic Drainage Catheters

Atrium offers a complete family of high-performance thoracic and mediastinal drain catheters tailored to suit your specific needs, each crafted of cutting-edge materials, each upholding the Atrium commitment to patient safety and comfort.

HTS (High Tear Strength) Silicone
For enhanced drainage and patient comfort...
HydraGlide Permanent, covalently bonded heparin complex inhibits clot formation.
Ultra low coefficient of friction helps reduce mechanical irritation to heart and lung tissues.
Superior strength reduces risk of tearing or breaking.
Soft, kink-resistant silicone conforms easily to anatomy for improved patient comfort.
  Blue radiopaque stripe confirms catheter placement upon X-ray.

Atrium Silicone Thoracic and Mediastinal Catheters set the standard for soft, kink-resistant, superior strength silicone chest tube catheters. Atrium’s premium quality silicone provides unsurpassed high tear strength to reduce the risk of tearing or breaking as well as enhancing drainage visibility. While the flared connector tip provides easy stab wound placement and fast, secure connection to chest drain tubing, the soft silicone easily conforms to chest anatomy for improved patient comfort and drainage efficiency.

Thermosensitive PVC
Proven PVC with tapered tip for easier placement



While all of Atrium's thermosensitive PVC drainage catheters readily conform to patients' anatomy for improved performance and patient comfort, the exclusive Taper-Tip makes catheter placement easier than ever.

All Atrium taper-tip thoracic drainage catheters feature a blue radiopaque line and an easy-to-grab seamless connector end. Multiple inlet holes in a gentle spiral configuration offer maxium drainage performance with minimized tissue invagination.

Firm PVC
Smooth, Atraumatic Tip Design



Atrium continues to lead the thoracic drainage market by offering the very best PVC thoracic catheters available today. Whether choosing the thermosensitive model or firm model, both offer advanced extrusion design which improve patient comfort, surgical placement, and provide a preferred atraumatic insertion technique.


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