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Express™ Dry Suction Dry Seal Drain

Atrium delivers the ultimate in patient protection and chest drain setup convenience. The Atrium Express™ chest drain offers not only precision dry suction regulation, but the added security of a bump-resistant "dry seal" valve for added patient security. From the new "easy grab" transport handle to the easier to read fluid drainage calibrations, Atrium is once again leading chest drainage into a new revolution of improved patient care and user convenience.

The Express™ offers extraordinary knockover protection with an innovative, patented system comprising knockover nozzles which help reduce interchamber spills. The Express sets up instantly and puts your patients on the road to chest drainage faster, without compromise.

Blood recovery models are only available in the United States.

Model 4000
Single Collection
Model 4020
Dual Collection
Model 4050
ATS Chamber





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