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Woven Double Velour Vascular Grafts

Proven Performance in Versatile Configurations

Trusted for over 20 years, HEMASHIELD grafts are the most used, most studied vascular products available in the market today. More than 2 million HEMASHIELD grafts have been implanted worldwide, demonstrating clinical efficacy and improved outcomes. These grafts have superior healing, improved tissue ingrowth, higher patency, excellent biocompatibility, and proven efficacy.

HEMASHIELD PLATINUM Woven Double Velour Grafts are collagen-impregnated and come in straight, one-branch, or multi-branch graft configurations.

Superior Construction and Material

  • Advanced construction and double-pass sewing technique provides an improved anastomotic seal.
  • Proprietary collagen impregnation reduces porosity to improve hemostasis.
  • Soft, flexible woven material conforms to host vessel for easier anastomosis.
  • Provides superb tissue ingrowth and long-term patency.

A Graft Designed for Each Technique

In addition to straight and bifurcated options, the following products with presewn branches offer versatility and convenience for a wide variety of aortic repair techniques and procedures.

Four-Branch Graft
Observed clinical advantages of the four-branch arch graft replacement include:

  • Dramatically reduced cerebral circulatory arrest times 1,2-3
  • Significantly lowered risk of mortality and risk of neurologic dysfunction2
  • Negated the need for direct cannulation of brachiocephalic arteries, which reduces the risk of embolization of air or atherosclerotic debris1,2
  • Provides an alternative technique to the Island Technique with retrograde perfusion via femorals

Angled Four-Branch Graft

  • This four-branch graft Includes one branch for perfusion and three angled branches (60 degrees) for repair or replacement of the head vessels
  • Angled design mimics the natural anatomy of the head vessels

One-Branch Graft
The straight and one-branch grafts may be used for various procedures, including

  • Ascending thoracic aortic repair
  • Descending thoracic aortic repair
  • Ascending and innominate repair (with one-branch graft)
  • Island Technique for arch repair

Thoraco-Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (TAAA) Graft

  • Designed for repair or replacement of the thoracic and abdominal portions of the aorta
  • Applications include replacement of the right and left renal arteries as well as the superior mesenteric artery and celiac arteries

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