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Company Overview

Founded in 1981, Atrium is a privately held healthcare products company with general administrative, research and development, manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Hudson, NH USA, Mijdrecht, The Netherlands and Mosman (Sydney), Australia. Atrium manufactures over 2,000,000 sterile medical products each year which are distributed to over 60 countries either direct or through various international distribution partners and/or OEM customers. Maintaining a commitment to our ISO 13485 Quality Standards and medical device innovation, biomaterial research, market development and manufacturing has enabled the company to excel in many global medical device markets.

Whether it is microscopic balloon expandable metal scaffolds* placed remotely within the heart to prop open a narrowed coronary artery, to improving patient recovery following open heart surgery, emergency chest trauma or hernia repair, Atrium has brought today’s patients to a higher level of quality care as a result of close working relationships with thousands of hospitals, national account customers, and healthcare professionals from a wide spectrum of clinical specialties. From the cardiac cath-lab to the operating room, Atrium continues to invest in those leading edge technologies that best satisfy our financial goals and contribute to important advancements in patient care. Combining automation with global manufacturing resources, together with extraordinary advances in biomaterial science, our diversified portfolio of critical care products are leading the way to brighter, more clinically effective solutions in cardiovascular disease and critical care management.

Corporate Officers
Steve Herweck
  Chairman, CEO/President
Paul LeLievre
  Senior VP Finance & Administration, CFO/Treasurer
Ted Karwoski
  Senior VP Operations/Research
Stephen Vail
  Senior VP Global Marketing
Dennis Giampietro
  Group VP Global Sales

Technology Focus

Atrium’s vast expertise in developing technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease has brought breakthrough technologies to those unmet clinical needs in several diversified healthcare markets, including interventional cardiology with next generation coronary stents* with and without drug eluting coatings, advanced PTCA balloon technology*, and minimally invasive intervention of blood vessels*, local drug delivery research to remote and difficult to reach anatomical locations, emergency chest trauma care and thoracic surgery drainage, hemodialysis care*, and state-of-the-art hernia repair. We are also a global leader in facial plastic surgery, including lip augmentation.

Interventional Cardiology

Interventional Vascular

Vascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

General Surgery / Hernia Repair

Women's Healthcare

Hemodialysis Care

Facial Plastic Surgery


Coronary Stents
Coated covered stents
Mobile Chest Drains
Novel Vascular Surgery Implants
Drug Delivery Coatings

Business Segments


• Chest Drainage Collection Systems
• Chest Tube Drainage Catheters
• Mobile Drainage Devices and Kits
• Chest Tube Insertion Kits
• Autotransfusion
• Accessories

• PTFE Grafts for Peripheral and Aortic Reconstruction
• Coated PET Vascular Grafts for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
• Coated PET Vascular Patches
• Graft Deployment System
• OEM Products
• Accessories

• PTFE Covered covered stents
• Balloon Irrigation Catheters
• PTA Catheters for Angioplasty
• OEM Products

• Therapeutic Devices in Development

General Surgery

• Chest Wall Reconstruction
• Hernia Repair
• Abdominal Soft Tissue Reinforcement
• OEM Products

• Urinary Incontinence Products
• Surgical Tissue Reinforcement Products
• OEM Products

• Facial Lip Augmentation


• Balloon Expandable Stainless Steel Coronary Stents
• Rapid Exchange Deployment Catheters
• Rapid Exchange PTCA Coronary Catheters for Angioplasty
• Coronary Balloon Irrigation Catheters
• Drug Eluting Technologies in Development
• OEM Products

Distribution Channels

Atrium serves its many thousands of hospital customers, in over sixty (60) countries worldwide, through a series of diversified direct sales and independent sales reps organizations. In the U.S. for example, Atrium utilizes a network of direct sales representatives and independent rep groups depending upon geographic preference and best available resources. We service these customers through regional and national account distributors, and also direct to many hospitals. Internationally we utilize a combination of direct sales forces (Australia/Europe) and frequently utilize a global network of distributors, dealers, and other value-added resources to service our multi-national customers.


*Note: Not available in the US. See Disclaimer

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